Specifications and Standards

SHAW PRECAST SOLUTIONS is the only plant in Atlantic Canada to achieve both CSA AND ISO 9001 certification. Our plants are evaluated and ranked on an annual basis, and
it is a standard that we are proud to manufacture to. No other precast manufacturer can provide the level of quality that you demand and these national and international certifications enforce.

Shaw Precast Solutions manufactures concrete pipe and other precast concrete products in strict accordance with these most up to date standards and specifications. Production is carried out by experienced and well-trained personnel, who are in turn supervised by qualified managers and professional engineers. Each phase of manufacture is carefully monitored and controlled to ensure a quality product is produced. Quality control checks are performed at various stages to further ensure that our customers receive a product that complies with industry standards, government specifications, and all project specific requirements.

Quality control plays a dominant part in every phase of the Shaw Precast Solutions manufacturing operation. Fully automated mixing equipment produces a completely uniform concrete mix. The mix is passed on to the various machines used to fabricate pipe, manholes, and other precast products. Skilled operators and trades people ensure the production of a high quality product, which is durable, dimensionally accurate, and conforms to project specifications. Concrete testing is carried out in accordance with the applicable standards. Compressive strength cylinders are cast, air content and slump are measured and recorded.

All precast products are monitored to ensure full design strength is achieved before being placed into inventory or delivered to the job site. Steam kilns are monitored during the entire curing period to ensure temperature and humidity are maintained at optimum levels to allow the concrete to achieve a durable, high strength product.

Before any pipe, manhole, or precast product is placed in inventory, a variety of tests and inspections are performed to ensure the product meets the applicable standards. All products are visually inspected for flaws or damage. Concrete strength is confirmed by compressive cylinders and any products made from a concrete batch which does not achieve the required strength are quarantined until full concrete strength has been achieved. Sample pipe are tested by the 3 Edge Bearing test method to confirm that the lot meets strength classification parameters.