Concrete Pipe

During the last decade, owners and engineers have become very conscious about design flows, infiltration and economy of buried pipeline systems with performance being the main consideration.

In this respect, one should pay meticulous attention to manufacturers’ qualifications since the quality and dimensional accuracy of pipe are entirely dependent upon the manufacturers’ equipment and quality control.

It is highly desirable that the Engineer conduct his own inspection of the manufacturer’s plant. His scrutiny of process, equipment, testing facilities, quality control, as well as more indefinable matters such as plant housekeeping and worker attitude, will reveal the quality of the pipe. Plant visits and inspection tours may be arranged through the local Sales Representative.

Technical Support and On-site Technical Assistance

Shaw Precast Solutions has a trained staff of Engineers and Technicians who are experienced in all areas related to our pipe and precast products. Shaw Precast Solutions makes every effort to assist our customers with projects where concrete pipe, manholes, and other precast items have been specified.

Starting with our skilled Engineering team who have experience in design and production of concrete pipe and precast concrete structures, Shaw Precast Solutions can provide assistance with design and specification of precast concrete units. Our Engineering team is also available to answer questions which may arise at any time during the term of the project. Our staff of Professional Engineers are also available to produce designs and drawings for project planning, tendering and construction.

Once our customers have received their order for pipe, manholes or other structures, Shaw Precast Solutions continues our commitment to customer service by making available on-site technical assistance with installation and testing of all our products. If repairs of installed structures are required to ensure acceptance, Shaw Precast Solutions can provide both technical assistance, and on-site supervision of repairs if our customers so request.