Retaining Walls

Shaw Precast Solutions supplies three different types of retaining wall systems using precast units. All three have a wide variety of applications such as highway and road construction, parking lots, bridge abutments, wingwalls, bank stabilization and general site development.


These big blocks mean big possibilities. With Stone Strong’s many unique advantages, you now have the ability to create in ways you never thought possible. At last, there’s a product flexible enough for any project – and any idea you dream up.


T-WALL is a gravity structure constructed of individual precast units. Typical applications include highways, roads, parking lots, bridge abutments and wingwalls, site development and bank stabilization.


MSEĀ retaining walls are an economical way to meet every-day earth retention needs for highway and bridge grade separations, railroads and mass transit systems, waterfronts, airports, loading docks, industrial facilities and commercial and residential developments.