ARES Retaining Wall System

From the ground up, everything about ARES® Retaining Wall Systems has been designed to resist chemical, biological or electrical corrosion. ARES Systems feature integrated components developed to work together for optimum efficiency, top performance and ease of installation. The system’s panel-to-geogrid positive mechanical connection assures full load transfer from wall face to reinforcement, resulting in unsurpassed reliability, even in settlement-prone areas. Geogrid and connectors are made of high-density polyethylene (HDPE) material, eliminating concerns over corrosion from long-term exposure to chlorides, sulfates, low-resistivity soils or stray electrical currents. At the same time, it allows the use of a wide range of backfills, including recycled materials, for cost savings plus opportunities for sustainable design. All this makes ARES Systems the ideal choice for “hot” backfill soils, transformer platform areas and electrified rail systems.