The T-WALL Retaining Wall System is a gravity structure constructed of individual precast T-WALL units. Each T-WALL unit consists of a front face panel and a stem, which extends back into and engages the soil. The standard height for the face panel and stem is 750mm. The face panel typically has a width of 1500mm. Stem lengths vary and are selected on the basis of wall height and stability.

The design for each T-WALL structure is carried out by Professional Engineers as part of the wall supply service. The wall structure is checked to ensure adequate safety factors for overturning (2:1), pullout(1.5:1) and sliding (1.5:1:). The bearing pressure along the underside of the wall is calculated using the Meyerhof method and checked against the allowable bearing capacity. Stamped shop drawings are available for each project.

1219 726
1829 839
2438 953
3048 1066
3658 1179
4267 1315
4877 1429
5486 1542
6096 1656

The modular nature of the T-WALL® unit provides flexibility for wall layout and allows on-site modifications when unexpected conditions such as rock outcrops or existing services are encountered. Shaw Precast Solutions provides the joint materials, filter fabric, special lifting devices and all other materials required for complete on-site wall erection.

Shaw Precast Solutions offers one on one consultation for layout and design of T-WALL® projects. We will assist on the project from the conceptual stage, through to final design and on-site installation.


T-WALL® provides cost effective solutions to a number of site conditions commonly encountered in commercial, industrial and public works. Typical applications include:

  • Highways, roads, and parking lots
  • Bridge abutments and wingwalls
  • Site development
  • Bank stabilization
  • Retaining walls