Lift Stations

Shaw Precast Solutions manufactures a variety of precast lift station configurations to suit project requirements, ranging from small capacity pump chambers using 1200mm manhole sections, to large volume lift stations using 3660mm x 3660mm rectangular box sections.

A Shaw Precast Solutions concrete lift station is a high quality, low maintenance structure, produced to project specifications in a controlled plant environment to ensure a durable and economic product. Precast elements can be designed to meet almost any configuration required for the project. On-site installation will be quicker and easier, allowing equipment installation and commissioning of the system sooner than cast-in-place designs.

Lift stations units can be fabricated using standard manhole sections, standard box culvert sections, or utility vault sections. Interior walls, baffles, and balconies can be cast into the standard sections where design requirements call for such. Access hatches, lifting davit sockets and vent stacks can be cast into the concrete covers to match design needs.

Pipe openings are cast into the lift station sections to suit the pipe configurations, utilizing either A-Lok gaskets, Link-Seal connections or grouted openings. Other connection types are available upon request.

Our design team is available to provide assistance with your project needs, and discuss possible options and their feasibility.