BEBO Arch™ System

Bebo Arch

BEBO Arch™ units are high quality, low maintenance precast structures which can be used in a variety of applications including bridges for larger brooks and streams. Each BEBO Arch™ unit is a precast concrete arch, which relies upon the soil cover pressures to provide structural support. Typically, the structure is founded on a concrete strip footing which may be either precast or cast-in-place.

Shaw Precast Solutions can produce BEBO Arch™ units in low profile elliptical cross sections, with spans ranging from a minimum of 6 meters to a maximum available span size of 25.6 meters. Heights of arch cross sections can be matched to suit project requirements. Designers should consult with our design staff to determine the availability of a particular arch size.

DESIGN OF BEBO ARCH UNITS: The structural design for each BEBO Arch project is carried out by experienced Professional Engineers at Shaw Precast Solutions.

Shaw Precast Solutions will assist Consultants with layout, unit size, and installation issues on BEBO Arch™ projects. Project specific CAD drawings for proposals and tenders can be developed upon request.