Box Culverts

Precast box culverts are high quality, low maintenance concrete structures that have a large number of applications including storm sewers, service tunnels, or small bridges for stream crossings.

A box culvert may be either three or four sided. Three sided culverts allow for brook and stream crossings maintaining the natural streambed. Typically the legs of a three-sided culvert are supported on concrete footings.

A four-sided box culvert has a base slab that allows for a smooth precast concrete invert in place of the natural streambed. Fish baffles can be provided in the bottom of a four sided box culvert. Headwalls, sloped end sections and cut-off walls are available for project specific designs. Four sided box culvert units are often used as permanent service tunnels for underground services and piping.

The structural design for box culverts is carried out by experienced Professional Engineers at Shaw Precast Solutions. Stamped shop drawings and technical specifications can be produced upon request for each project. Shaw Precast Solutions offers one on one consultation for layout and design of box culvert projects. We will assist on the project from the conceptual stage, through to final design and on site installation.

Shaw Precast Solutions provides the joint materials and lifting devices required for on site installation. The contractor provides all other rigging and equipment.

Shaw Precast Solutions produces precast box culverts over a broad range of standard sizes. Non-standard box culvert sizes can be produced upon request.

Box Culverts