CDS Stormwater Treatment

CDS Stormwater Treatment
CDS Stormwater Treatment Description

When CDS Technologies introduced continuous deflective separation BMPs to the United States in 1996, it revolutionized the treatment of storm water and combined sewer overflows. Since this time, CDS has continued to evolve its methods of water treatment with products distinguished not only by engineering innovation, but by an untarnished record of dependability. How is this possible? It begins with a conscientious commitment to customer service.

CDS engineers partner with customers to ensure optimized designs and equipment performance for both urban sewer and storm drainage systems. From the beginning, we evaluate the very specific nature of your project plan so that we can design and specify equipment accordingly; our goal is to provide treatment systems that are the right fit and that will provide value over time.

With more professional water quality engineers on staff than any other treatment provider, our ability to respond and resolve planning design and construction issues is unparalleled. Our engineers can also help guide you through Phase I and Phase II NPDES permitted projects.

The following descriptions of CDS Technologies’ storm water treatment BMPs will provide you with a basic understanding of our equipment and what you can expect from an operational perspective. When you have questions, know that professional engineering support is available to you. We look forward to the prospect of working with you now and over the long term.

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