Shaw Precast Solutions first introduced Peat Treatment Technology to the market place in 2003. Shaw Precast Solutions was a pioneer in the peat business. New and exciting Peat technology is currently being offered and supplied to the water and wastewater market place. Ecoflo Biofilter septic systems are lighter, less expensive and easier to install than any other C2 or C3 technologies currently available.

The Ecoflo Biofilter septic system is designed to treat the wastewater of both permanent and secondary dwellings.  50% more compact than standard disposal fields, and with zero energy for treatment, Ecoflo Biofliter provides a permanent and durable solution that treats wastewater with superior efficiency for years to come without requiring to be relocated or excavated. Available in three types of shell (Fiberglass, concrete and polyethylene), Ecoflo adapts well to any type of sites and soil conditions.

At the end of its useful life (up to 15 years), the used filtering media is simply removed and replaced via the cover of the biofilter and its 10-year warranty is automatically renewed – making Ecoflo a truly sustainable product.

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