Stone Strong Diagram

Stone Strong Diagram



A A three-man crew and a couple pieces of equipment can lay up to 1,200 square feet of block per day.
B Blocks interlock precisely and securely without any mechanical assistance. The stone infill in the hollow cavity of the blocks provides a 100% efficient connection strength.
C Due to their size, Stone Strong blocks dramatically reduce labor costs. Installation is many times faster than a small block project.
D No extensive digging for structural tieback or gravel backfill.
E Designed and tested to meet the NCMA test criteria for segmental retaining walls. Meets DOT approval.
F The only wall system in the industry to have a drainage system fully integrated into the wall itself. No tubing to break or fail. The stone infill provides the drainage.
G The tapered sides of the blocks allow for both straight and winding designs – even convex, concave, and circular designs.
H The sheer size and weight of the blocks holds the system together to create a rock-solid gravity wall.
I The most environmentally friendly option for applications in and around water. Provides erosion control and shoreline protection.
J Walls can reach heights of 15-18 feet without geo-grid reinforcement (depending on site and soil conditions). With proper engineering, walls can reach heights of 40-feet.
K Produced with air entrained 4,000 PSI concrete, which protects the block through even the most strenuous freeze/thaw cycles.
L Unlike other brands, returned concrete is never used for Stone Strong blocks. The quality of the block ensures durability and reliability.
M Stone Strong blocks are the only fully engineered blocks of the size on the market.
N Scaled in size to be proportional for large wall installations.
O Realistic chiseled-stone face. The liners were made from stone blocks hand-chiseled by artisans.


ColorsThe stones can be stained to match any colour imaginable – so it can fit seamlessly into your design or the natural surroundings of the landscape.


SizesWith various sizes and accessories, Stone Strong Systems can accommodate large and small projects. Ideal for commercial, municipal, or residential applications.


PatternsAvailable in two custom patterns. The split Granite pattern (left) matches the classic look of natural chiseled stone. The Navajo pattern (right) matches the organic look of rough natural stone.