Design of ShawSpan™ Units

The structural design for each ShawSpan™ project is carried out by experienced Professional Engineers at Shaw Precast Solutions. The design and reinforcement for a typical unit are functions of the following:

  • Clear span: measured from the inside face of each leg
  • Clear rise: measured from bottom of the leg to underside of deck at midspan
  • Fill cover: The depth of soil over the deck
  • Specified Design Loads: For example CL625/CS700 truck live load.

Footing design is based on the parameters noted above and the site specific geotechnical conditions. Strip footings can be cast-in-place on site or precast at our plant with the ShawSpan™ units for delivery to the site.

ShawSpans™ have been successfully installed on other foundation systems such as piles, and cantilevered retaining walls. Because of the nature of the rigid portal frame, and the interaction between frame and foundation, Shaw Precast Solutions recommends that there be close co-operation between the foundation designer and our design staff to ensure the design of both systems will be adequate to carry the specified loads on the frame, and in turn the loads transferred to the foundation by the frame.

ShawSpan™ Configurations

Shaw Precast Solutions will assist Consultants with layout, unit size, and installation issues on ShawSpan™ projects. Project specific CAD drawings for proposals and tenders can be developed upon request. Details for items to be cast into the ShawSpan™ units such as guardrail inserts, scupper drains or concrete curb connections should be discussed with our engineering staff prior to issue of project drawings, to ensure that these details are feasible. Our staff can also provide sketches for inclusion on project drawings.